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Bucal Fat Removal


The bucal fat removal or Bichectomy is a technique that is booming in the cosmetic surgery sector.


The procedure consists of the extraction, through a minor surgical intervention, of the  Bichat balls, glands of fatty tissue that are found on the cheeks, just below the cheekbones, and completely separated from other tissues.


These glands do not fulfill any specific function in adults, but only add volume to the area, making the face rounder depending on its size and the shape of the person's facial contour.


In babies these glands are larger, since it is thought that they may have some function related to breastfeeding.


The Bichat balls characterize the round and bulging face of the little ones. As children grow, the fat tissue gradually diminishes, making their faces thinner. However, it is not reduced in the same way in all individuals, so people with a more rounded profile and poorly defined cheekbones have larger Bichat balls than those with a more refined face.

Bichectomy alone
bichat 1.png

When there is no more fat on the face or neck that needs to be removed,  a Bichectomy alone can be performed.


The doctor will do an evaluation to see if you will have the results you are looking for with just the bichectomy or if a joint procedure should be done.

Bichectomy combined with face an neck Lipo

When the face is very rounded and we see that in addition to the Bichat balls there is more fat on the face and / or on the neck in the form of a double chin, to achieve a harmonious and adequate result of outlining the face, it should be done in conjunction with the bichectomy, a liposuction of the face and neck, for best results.

Timing and Requeriments

🗣 Treatment: BICHECTOMY
🎯 Goal: Outline the face, removing its roundness.

🕶  Results: 2 months aprox

💉 COVID-19 Vaccine: Highly recommended, not mandatory

🩸  Blood Test: Yes, included on the price
📈 Presurgical Evaluation & EKG: No

🏥 Hospitalization: NO, it is an outpatient surgery.

😴 Anesthesia: Just local or local with twiglight sedation
⏱ Time it takes: 30 to 45 min Aprox.
📅 Recovery: 1week.

⏳  Lasts: Permanent

😱 Pain Level : During the procedure none, after can be mild to moderate the first day
💵 Average Cost $500.00 to $800.00 USD all inclusive

🧾 Click here to see what is included in the surgery pack

💳 Initial Consultation: $50.00 USD Credited towards the cost of treatment.
🎟 Book your date with  $250.00 USD and you have 6 months to do the surgery.

📝 Note: Personal results may vary. The procedure has to be full paid to perform it.


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